In 2011 Fitzgerald taught herself how to write and draw with her non-dominant hand. At the beginning of 2016, she began making almost-weekly Ambidraw videos, using both her hands to draw and often incorporating other basic practical effects, such as stop motion animation. The full playlist of Ambidraw videos can be viewed on Youtube. She's put her skills to use in producing & art directing an Ambidraw music video, and appearing in a commercial for T-Mobile Netherlands. Fitzgerald's Ambidraw videos are supported through her Patreon page.

Explaining the Construction of a T-Mobile network

In 2014, Fitzgerald starred in a commercial for T-Mobile Netherlands. Demonstrating her abilities as an ambidextrous illustrator, Fitzgerald's talent helps explain how T-Mobile's networks are built differently from their competitors. The video was produced by Pedri Animation and Etcetera Ad. agency.