Under the name HercuSleaze, Fitzgerald performs locally in Montreal as a drag king. In 2018, in a collaboration with photographer, Alex Tran, Fitzgerald began a photographic series using drag to reinterpret figures from Greek mythology.

Fitzgerald performs autobiographical stories at events including Confabulation, Carte Blanche’s This Really HappenedGrownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids, and Letters from Montreal, the Maisonneuve Magazine lecture series.

Fitzgerald improvises in Montreal and abroad in the cross-country duo We're So Strong (with Dave Morris) and in the duo Mansion (with Vance Gillis.) She was also one quarter of the touring troupe Quest of the Dragon King. She specializes in theatrical and character-driven long-form narrative improv. Fitzgerald is formerly an instructor of Montreal Improv Theatre

Over the last 13 years, Fitzgerald’s performed and taught in theatres across Canada, in the United States, Europe and Australia. Born and raised in Alberta, Meags is an alumnus of Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre and Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre, where she studied Johnstonian improv. For nearly a decade she worked as an improv-educator with the Canadian Improv Games and Improv Camp, with whom she taught thousands of teenagers. In recent years she has been an ensemble member at the Winnipeg Improv Festival, Victoria’s Paper Street Theatre’s Improv Festival, Toronto’s COMBUSTIONfestival, Halifax’s East Coast Improv Festival, the Ottawa Improv Festival, and at the Vancouver International Improv Festival.