Meags Fitzgerald improvises regularly in Montreal and abroad with her troupe, Quest of the Dragon King. She also participates in live storytelling events including Carte Blanche’s This Really HappenedConfabulation and at Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids, as well as at Letters from Montreal, the Maisonneuve Magazine lecture series. She's formerly an instructor of Montreal Improv Theatre


Fitzgerald began improvising as a teenager in 2001 with her high school improv team. In Edmonton, Fitzgerald became a member of Rapid Fire Theatre and a regular guest of Die-Nasty the Improvised Soap Opera. While living in Calgary, she performed with the Loose Moose Theatre and the Kinkonauts. During a stint in Toronto, Fitzgerald guested with ProjectProject, Ghostjail and Catch23. In 2010 she was an ensemble member in the Tumbleweed Project, a cross-Canada improv tour produced by ProjectProject. Currently she is a member of the longform narrative group, Quest of the Dragon King and one half of the duo Photographic Memory (along with Vinny Francois.) Fitzgerald's recent travels have taken her to Halifax's 2014 East Coast Improv Festival, Toronto's 2015 and 2016 COMBUSTIONfestivals, to the 2015 Vancouver International Improv Festival and to Ottawa's Improv Festival in 2016. 

Fitzgerald is also an alumna of the Canadian Improv Games and has volunteered in the Alberta, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Montreal and National tournaments. As an instructor, Fitzgerald has taught at six Improv Camps, including the first ever in Australia in 2009. Also a visual artist, Fitzgerald has created live Improv Art at the Vancouver International Improv Festival, Edmonton’s Improvaganza and the Chicago Improv Festival. Continuing to merge improv and art, Fitzgerald has designed over two dozen t-shirts, posters and logos for improv groups and festivals.


Photo by Nathan Boone 2016