Long Red Hair

In this graphic memoir, Fitzgerald paints a lively childhood full of sleepovers, amateur fortune-telling and watching scary movies. Yet, Fitzgerald suspects that she is unlike her friends. She intimately takes us from her first kiss to a life sworn off romance. Long Red Hair alluringly delves into the mystique of sorcery and sisterhood.

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Conundrum Press
Graphic Novel: Memoir
ISBN 1-894994-95-7 / 978-1-894994-95-8
6.25 x 8.5 inches, 96 pages, duotone,
Trade Paperback, $17,

Released: September 2015.

Éditions Pow Pow
ISBN 978-2-924049-44-0
6.25 x 8.25 inches, 96 pages, duotone,
Trade Paperback, $23,

Released: April 2017.


Chapter 5, pages 1 and 2 of Long Red Hair. Copyright 2015 Meags Fitzgerald.

ACCLAIM for Long red hair

Long Red Hair was nominated for an Expozine Award in the Best Book category and named on CBC Books' list of  "10 Great Canadian Books to Read During Pride."

Long Red Hair by Meags Fitzgerald packs more emotional and educational punch in its less-than-a-hundred pages than many books three times its size... I quickly fell in love with this book, even when it was destroying my emotions.
— Autostraddle
Although Long Red Hair is a testament to Fitzgerald’s storytelling skills, her art is what truly steals the show.
— The McGill Daily
Long Red Hair is a fascinating take on relationships, sexuality, attraction and individual boundaries.
— Rob Clough of The Comics Journal
...though the colors are muted and the tone is soft, Long Red Hair is the furthest thing from safe or mundane. It’s affecting and brutally honest with its awkwardness... in her comic, Fitzgerald aims for personable and relatable and nails it.
— Panels
The narrative pliantly shifts between childhood and adulthood, privileging neither, and her art is a duotone blend of reserved, mossy greens and more insistent reds. The two different time frames and colours exist in a complementary relationship, so that every page embodies the fluid identity coursing through Fitzgerald’s story.
— The Globe and Mail
The memoir is a fantastic snapshot of the life of a character struggling to find their way in the world. It’s also a great reminder of a time when different sexualities were not widely spoken of with the accessibility and understanding they are today... In the end, Long Red Hair is nothing less than a gratifying memoir filled with many memorable and heartfelt moments. And it will leave you misty-eyed as you see Fitzgerald find herself in the final pages.
— The Peak